Meet the Dogfather

Hi! Daniel "Dogfather" Wallen here.

People call me the Dogfather, because I've walked 125 shelter dogs and promoted them online. 115 found a loving home.

My mission is to make your online presence hecking great (hope you don't mind the dog speak, but I've gotta live up to my brand, right?).

I'm an Internet Architect and Performance Marketer. Put simply, I build digital assets that attract a targeted audience and convert them into loyal customers or clients.

Answer the questions below to determine if you need my help:

1. Do you sell premium pet products on a website or online store?

2. Are you a pet service provider who runs an appointment-based business?

3. Would you like to increase your sales and conversions with the power of content marketing?

If so, I'm your guy. This stuff isn't new to me. I've been writing for ten years and have 2,000+ hours of code experience.

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